Monday, December 12, 2011

Mastering the Art of Furtiveness

Nolan is currently obsessed with forts and all things involving the building of them. He was measuring the van last week to be sure it would hold his "4 to 6 feet chicken wire."

I believe this is the plan for a sled. With a shovel on the front to "scoop the snow when you slide." Oh my...the ingenious of such a thing. I told him his sled would get mighty heavy. He rolled his eyes at me. Apparently, he has a plan for that.

I have no idea what this is. He's also taken with "p.s." I remember those days. You can p.s. anything and it's super cool.

Like the drawing of the cardboard tube? I get "the look" if he sees me throwing away paper towel rolls. Ayiyi. He really doesn't understand my need for a recycling bin when he can just use it all and "remake stuff."

Here's the kicker. Dad had a talk with him about the chicken wire fort and animals living there, etc. So, I guess if "my sis did this" it takes the potential danger away? Stealthy boy, eh?


Mindy said...

this cracks me up. did his dad do stuff like this too? some how i can imagine it.

Anonymous said...

I love this fort business, Shannon... great stuff. Does he have The Dangerous Book for Boys? Sounds like he has it all figured out on his own, but it's a good one.