Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Coming up dry on wit...

but there are things I'd like not to forget.

Like the time when Avrie says, "I want to kiss William. But not until after I'm done with college. So he doesn't want to marry me." -William is a cute boy in her class. Kindergarten. I was just reminiscing about my first kiss which happened in 1st grade. She's getting her cart ahead of her horse.

Like the time when the school nurse calls me reporting Nolan has an earache. "Nolan, do you need me to come get you so you can come home and nap?" "Wellll, I guess you could come get me after recess?" -They learn stinkin' quick don't they? I made frequent trips to the nurse's office too. Delightful place to escape. I wish life had a nurse's office!

Like how, try as she might, Avrie can't say lefse. "Lalsa." She knows she's saying it wrong. "It's just so hard to say. Cole, you say it like this: LEF SSS UHH- LALSA!"

And the time Avrie, with a twinkle in her eye, says, "I like hot lunch better cuz then I can tell you I ate it all even when I didn't and you wouldn't know and then I'd still get a treat." -Hmm. Smart enough to think of this and yet too proud to keep the idea to herself!

And the time Cole sang his ABC's so sweetly that I can't stop watching it. I'm obsessed with him. He's spoiled absolutely rotten.

Just look at him. How do you not spoil that?

And then there's this little ditty from the other day:

Cole and Toby are fighting at the lunch table. Klara says, "Guys, stop! God loves it when we're nice to one another." Cole retorts in utter defiance, "Nuh-uh! God is sick. Yeah, God is sick today!" And continues on bickering with Toby. -In his defense, D & H had just spent two days here and were both a titch under the weather. He's 3. He can't possibly know how to separate God from God's ministers! He has asked me several times since if "God is sick today?" Doof.

And today. Avrie threw an all-out screaming fit at school after being tattled on for telling another kid to "shut-up." -It's so hard to have a serious conversation about being kind and using nice words when, in reality, some people just need to be told to SHUT UP! We're gonna have a real nice relationship with Mr. P, the principal, I think. On whom Avrie has a crush. Maybe this is her ploy to get to his office.

I'd like to forget me. But I'm here. Plugging on. Trying to piece together bits of sense now and again. I'm not really ready to do the whole reflect-on-the-last-year type thing though it's coming up in a month or so I guess. If that's the kind of thing I'd do. What are the kind of things I do? Bilbo Baggins says it pretty much spot-on: "I don't look it, but I am beginning to feel it in my heart. I feel all thin, sort of stretched: like butter that has been scraped over too much bread. I need a Holiday." I picked up my knitting again last week. A great little holiday from myself! I'm making felted slippers for the Better Half that require constant counting which results in a fairly clear mind! Whoot. Makin' slippers for the world, yo!


Cheri said...

Best out of focus picture, evah!

Shannon said...

i KNOW! ain't it though?! i love the venetian backdrop. and the kid on my lap.

Mindy said...

i need a holiday too ~ good thing i'm getting one soon. what is it about upcoming holidays that make your life seem unbearable in the meantime?

Shannon said...

oh no, my life isn't unbearable! just my own head =P i should rephrase that. evan and i are hoping to get out of here for a week this winter...trying to find some place warm and affordable. sans kids!

Mindy said...

well, i should rephrase too. my life isn't unbearable either. it's just when i know i'm leaving soon that all the little things that normally don't annoy me do. and my vacay can't some soon enough!

Mimi/Susan said...

Weeeellll. Is Atlanta warm enough for you? You could come stay at my house and take in what this big city has to offer. My rooms are cheap!!

Neisha said...

i need time away too but I only really feel it when the kids are off of school and home for more than 2 days.