Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Furtive Fort Stuff, Part 2

It's 1:33 a.m. and I hear rustling in the kitchen. Nolan is digging in the garbage.

Me: "Nolan, what are you doing?"
N: "Looking for something."
Me: "In the garbage?"
N: "Yeah. A plastic baggie, a little plastic box and a stick."
Me: "Nolan, are you awake?"
N: "Yeah?"
Me: "It's the middle of the night."
N: "It is?"

I go back to bed and sleep fitfully for the remainder of the night thinking about the trouble a sleepwalker could get into. After all, my folks had to reverse the locks so my brother wouldn't escape at night. Just last week we found Nolan standing in the bathroom with no idea how he'd gotten there. So, I attributed this little scavenger hunt to a sleepwalking adventure.

Nolan wakes up this morning and immediately resumes looking for the plastic baggie, box, stick. He explains further and, oh yeah. I had thrown that away thinking it was garbage.

"Mom? Can you do me a favor? Whenever you see junk in the cupboard where you found that other stuff and threw it away, can you not put it in the garbage? Cuz I'm keeping it for The Fort."


Neisha said...

haha...and I thought I was bad about keeping trash!

Gwen said...

better bring a trailer to take some stuff home from here that would be useful for the boy!!!

Mj said...

the other morning my 11 year old son's red sweatpant bottoms were in the washing machine. he couldn't remember how they got there in the middle of the night , but, somehow he had underware on instead! a sleepwalking change artist!