Thursday, August 25, 2011

August Birthday Buddies

Avrie is 5. Cole is 3. I pulled my first white hair the day of the party. No joke. Avrie is less than two weeks away from all day/every day kindergarten. Aside from his thumb, Cole is no longer a baby. Avrie is grounded for the first time this week. Cole scared the living daylights out of us by going to the neighbor's house without asking. Avrie told me she only loves Dad a "raisin" more than me. Cole keeps watch out his bedroom window for Daddy to come home long after he's supposed to be asleep. They are two little people. Amazing little people. I love them so fiercely that I can't breathe when one is missing for 2.2 seconds.

Avrie, Avrie, Avrie. We shake our heads in wonderment at her. Spunky. Sassy. Sweet. Forgiving. Intense. Challenging. Headstrong. Unforgettable. A breathless expression the other day: "Mom! I just had this coool daydream! So, I had a unicorn and she was sooo pretty and we flew up into the clouds and they were so soft and comfy and we lived there and we were magic and took food out of our belly and put it into our mouth and ate it up so we were full and then the unicorn was sooo magical and got rid of all the scary monsters. It was such a fun daydream." As much as she contributes to my fading hair color - I wouldn't change this girl for anything. I really couldn't make up such a kid if I tried.

Coley. My sweet, sweet boy. He's so tenderhearted and humble. He woke up yesterday morning and we launched into a rowdy rendition of Happy Birthday. He was so embarrassed that he ran into the bathroom and hid behind the door. Takes after his mother that way - I can't think of anything much more uncomfortable than being sung to. He hardly uttered a word until 2 1/2. I've gotten to keep him a baby for far longer than I'd have ever thought. Now he won't be quiet and has opinions about everything. He absolutely loves to taunt his sister. Classic younger bro, eh?! I have the best little alarm clock ever. Cole crawls in bed with me without fail every morning around 7. I savor it. Some mothers get up before their kids and be productive and stuff. Not I. And miss out on my Cole snuggles? No way. There was a time that the thumb went away. I thought I'd lucked out with the world's easiest thumb wean. Not so. He's back sucking with a vengeance. I swear he won't go to college sucking his thumb. But for now I'm going to enjoy my baby.

I didn't get many pictures of the party. My mom's camera setting was off and nearly all of them were blurry. We had a park party with our family and closest friends. Food: Subway party subs, chips, pickles, watermelon, fruit salad, lemonade. Cupcakes: chai spiced carrot cake with vanilla bean frosting; coffee chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream frosting. Yumma. Fun was had, presents were opened, ball was played, mosquitoes were slapped, chit-chat was had. Off to a great start for the next year!


Lani said...

I am in love with little people. They are a true wonder and I'm sorry I missed out on so much of them before I became a Mommy and figured out how fantastic they are. Happy Birthday to your two wonderful little people! Sounds like a GREAT birthday!

Mindy said...

so, do you think avrie is like you?! your cupcakes sound delish. i'm assuming you made them. i'd love the chai recipe for kaia's upcoming party. happy we get to see you all tonight!

Anita said...

Such Sweeties! Will be so fun to meet you all! :)