Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Avrie, what can't you live without?"

Avrie turns 5 in less than two weeks. I know. How can that be? Yikes. I've had several people ask what she's into, what she likes, things she needs, etc. This stumps me. If you've asked and received my blank stare and shrug, I'm sorry! This photo is a perfect example of what Avrie does all day. Every day. Blankets and pillows and various things are hauled all around the house to various places to make "comfy spots." Favorites are: clothes baskets, behind the purple chair in the corner, under the dining table, under the coffee table, the middle of the kitchen floor, laundry room floor, under Dad's desk, the guest rooms. The "various things" can be anything, really. Polly Pocket clothes (rarely a doll), rocks, torn pieces of paper, crayons, a notebook or two, three, four, empty lunch box, stuffed animals, hair stuff, beads, etc. Seemingly no rhyme or reason but I guarantee she has a method to her madness. Just ask her! So, I asked her in the van today "Avrie? What can't you live without? What do you want for your birthday?" Here is my transcription:

  • "Ummm, strawberry face gel. That sparkly kind that I had once but don't anymore.
  • Confetti to dump on the ground to make the party pretty.
  • Uh. A stuffed animal - a tiny cat this time.
  • Hmm. Oh! An electric oven like the kind that Grandma Char wanted when she was a little girl but never got. Then when Klara comes over I can make her little cakes and stuff.
  • A purse that is, like, sparkly.
  • A real phone. So I can call people on it. Like, Trevin and Grayson. And call Daddy when he's at work.
  • A princess scooter.
  • My own notebook.
  • Uh. Ah. Hmm. Oh! My own bubblegum because I was waiting for it and never got it. The tape kind of bubblegum.
  • The Princess and the Frog dress. I don't have one of those.
  • Hmm. I'm thinkin' of another thing.
  • That kinda chapstick with a chain and Hello Kitty dangling on it.
  • Um. Princess shoes.
  • Clothes. Like, meeting clothes, play clothes. I don't have very many meeting shoes, so I'm gonna want meeting shoes.
  • And. Let's see. Hmmm. (Snaps and furiously chomps her gum.)
  • And an art easel, Mom! Dad, what's an art easel?
  • A tape holder. I know!! Pretty duct tape that I can make stuff with.
  • Books for me to read. Boring book, boring books for me to read. They're called boring books cuz boys don't like girl things. Like, a boring princess book.
  • I want a baby duck - that one from Hub Hobby - well, uh, there's a little bottle it sucks on. It's soooooo cute. It's nice.
  • A Rapunzel dress and Rapunzel hair that is TWO FEET TALL!!! I just LOVE it SOOOO much and I just wanted it RIGHT NOW!! You'd be the best Mommy in the whole world if you boughted it for me!
  • Let me see if there's more. Okay, Mom. Let's see. A bag. For all my fancy things - like my chapstick, my boa made out of feathers, a laa-lalala.
  • A stuffed animal with its own collar and you can pretend you're walking it. And it has batteries so you can turn it on and it walks. Well, Mary, our neighbor, has a dog with a little collar but it doesn't work anymore but you turn it on and it walks."
That's it ya'll.


Little Miss Nobody said...

I love it! That's priceless ... not to mention some great ideas, I'm sure ;-)

Neisha said...

no doubt she's a girly girl :)

Mindy said...

i can hear this all in avrie's unique little voice, oh yes i can! now i know what to get for her the next time i'm passing clothes to nolan.

Lani said...

I heart five-year-olds! They are da bomb. :)

The Minks said...

Love, love, love this!! Just wait til she is 16!

Anita said...

I wish there was a 'like' button for the comments- I'd 'like' Lani's! I love 5 year olds, too! A whole bunch!

Did you keep a straight face through all of this? What a riot. The duct tape, though- that's when I really did laugh out loud. Just wait, Sweetie- 20 years and you might have all the duct tape you want and you might not be making pretties with it!
So- did she get the tape?

Mj said...

lovely lovely child. she really is quite amazing!

Mj said...

i wanted one of those ovens like G'ma Char wanted but never got, also..our neighbors had it and i still remember how the toasted pb sandwiches smelled! mmmm. Did she get it?

love her definition of a "boring" book..really ..this is a priceless list!