Monday, May 31, 2010

3-day Weekend - Day 3

  • Automatic coffee pot started dripping at 6:15.
  • Drank my coffee and read my bible.
  • Went for an hour run.
  • Made the best pancakes ever for my family. Bacon on the side.
  • Packed our picnic lunch and loaded up the van.
  • Went fishing. Evan caught a nice sized largemouth bass!
  • Came home for Cole's nap. Dad cleaned up the fish.
  • Went to Unique for 50% off. Didn't stay long...too many bodies and not enough air.
  • Stopped by DQ. Cherry dipped cones for the kids, strawberry Golden Oreo and French Silk Pie for Evan and I.
  • Came home and got bikes. Went to the trail. Hit the park afterwards.
  • Fried up the fish. Was fantastic.
  • Kids bathed, brushed, bedded.
  • Parents sit down. Unfortunately, Evan is sitting in his office doing paperwork.
  • The end.
  • Back to the daily grind in the a.m.


Mimi/Susan said...

Pancakes, pie, fried fish? Honey, Paula Dean rubbed off on you in only 3/4 of her book! Just think how bad it would have been if you'd have actually FINISHED it! Oh dear...

Mimi/Susan said...

Oh yeah, forgot about the side of bacon!

Shannon said...

haha!! thanks for the laugh! well, the pancakes are 90% oatmeal and soaked to release enzymes necessary for proper digestion, it wasn't actually "pie" was ice cream...nothing good about that...and the fish worked out to about three bites per person. and the bacon...was 1 piece per person. and it came from a very happy piggy and wasn't pumped full of cancer causing nitrates.

so there. completely justified. besides, it's a holiday...calories don't count.

Gwen said...

I caught a bass was not in season yet..but i could not release a dead we brought it home..and ate it..nice catch evan..looks like you have some future fishing trips coming up..
i do need that pancake recipe shannon if those are the ones you made when you were home lastime...they are ymmmmmmmm

Danica said...

Looks like a delicious and super busy day!!

Mj said...

i think i'm are really going gangbusters around here...

Anonymous said...

Fun fishing pictures! I wouldn't know what to do with a fish if we actually wanted to fry one after we caught it. Tutorial please?

Shannon said...

filet the fish. dunno how to do that. i only know the filet-o-fish song. that's highly catchy. gimme back that filet fish gimme that fish. lalalalaala.

anyway. then i whisk up egg(s) and sift some flour, lawry's, lots of pepper, cayenne, powdered garlic together in a pan. dip the filets in egg, dip in flour, plop into a sizzlin' hot frying pan. don't overcook. overcooked fish is n-a-s-t-y.