Saturday, May 29, 2010

3-day Weekend - Day 1

  • Donuts for breakfast.
  • Late morning drive to the garden center for dirt, mulch, sod. We rode in the pickup...picture perfect: three kids in back, windows open, wife snuggled up to husband.
  • Scrambled eggs and salmon wraps for lunch.
  • Filled in the fire pit and laid sod.
  • Bought myself this little present. It was 50% off. And includes 4 free hours of lessons.
  • Replanted carrots. Hoed weeds.
  • Big kids and Dad went fishing.
  • Cole napped 4 hours. Mom 1/2 hour. Read book.
  • Made asparagus lasagna for supper.
  • Mulched.
  • Checked on the baby bird multiple times.
  • Watermelon face with green nose slugs.
  • Haircuts.
  • Exhaustion.
  • Perfect day.


Mindy said...

fun! apparently you guys aren't sick anymore. it's going on day 3 of craig's extremely sore throat. acv & honey isn't working for him. grrrrrr!

Shannon said...

well, we canceled our supper plans for saturday...probably could have gone. cole did sleep 4.5 hours though...and he does have a nasty nose. i went for a walk this morning and thought i was going to die. i was hardly walking..maybe 3 mph and i could barely breathe...and my head was pounding. and nolan woke up with a cough. but we all went to meeting so we weren't too sick.

Neisha said...

have fun with the sewing machine!

Gwen said...

your new little present lookes like alot of fun...i can see you getting absorbed in some fun projects.

Tim and Melissa said...

Cute pictures of your adorable kiddos!