Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Successfully Spoiled Six-year-old!

A belated shout out to Nolan! He turned the big SIX on June, 4. We had a park birthday party planned but got rained out so the party was at our house...worked fine aside from the fact that pictures do NOT turn out at ALL in our living room. Horrid lighting. So, this photo is an accurate description of Nolan and how happy he is at SIX! I can't believe it. He got so many awesome presents:

  • Metal detector! A child sized version. He's wanted one for two years.
  • Remote control ATV. He's also wanted this for ages.
  • Nerf gun with laser sight. He LOVES this. As does Cole. Many Nerf fights have gone down.
  • Books.
  • National Geographic Kids subscription.
  • Your Big Backyard subscription.
  • Solar system and constellations model.
  • Cool shirts and shorts.
  • Crayons and markers. Can never have too many of those.
  • Juggling balls and instructional DVD.
  • Scooter.
  • Bike horn.
  • Electric pencil sharpener. He's wanted this for a long time. Our pencils have never been sharper.


Amber said...

We got Elliot a metal detector for his birthday as well...it's a cheapo one for now, but if he really gets into it i'm sure we'll need to replace it with something more durable. He did get awesome presents...:)

Neisha said...

sounds like he hit the jackpot!

Lani said...

Sounds perfect. Happy Birthday, Nolan! I have a little boy that would probably get a big kick out of hanging out with you. I just am a tiny bit scare of the ideas you would hatch up together.

Annie and Len said...

wow spoiled for sure:) i could prob. list everything my parents got me for b-days lets see...a bear and a doll. lol. (prob. more but i don't remember).

Shannon said...

let me clarify that WE didn't get him all of this stuff!!!

Tim and Melissa said...

Happy birthday, Nolan! Have a fun summer playing with all your awesome presents!

Mj said...

a juggler!! hope he learns! Happy Birthday , Nolan!

sg said...

wow! i wanna be a kid again...even if i had to be a boy-he got some awesome presents!!!

Little Miss Nobody said...

Happy birthday ... sounds like some cool stuff to play with ... can we come over and play, too? :-)

Anita B said...

wow- he did get some neat stuff! I should turn 6 again! ha! ;)

The J's said...

Blogger is actually letting me comment tonight. Wonder how far I'll make it before it gives me fits again. It's really my internet I think. Grrr!
Anyway, great to catch up on your posts!