Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh, Bless Their Hearts!

We saw an ambulance go by one day last week. Nolan says "Maybe someone is really sick or got really hurt. Like, maybe they fell down on the sidewalk and they were wearing shorts and a tanktop." I almost cried! I love how in his little world that is the absolute worst thing that could happen.

I found a little pink bible for Avrie at Unique this past weekend. She was at a sleepover so I just left it on her bed for her to find when she got home. "Mom! My pink bible! It's my most favorite book in the whole world!"

We are making a big effort to eat more veggies. This morning we had sauteed carrots and red bell peppers with our eggs. Nolan says "Mom, I want mushrooms and brussel sprouts for our next breakfast." Seriously. I can't make this stuff up.

Cole hasn't had any words of wisdom yet but he is cutting four teeth all at once. And he's still a jolly baby. He grunts every now and then to express his discomfort.

We'll be spending this week getting packed for our two-week roadtrip! I mean, I'll be spending this week...


Gwen said...

oh my 3 blonde suntanned healthy looking kids..cannot wait to spend some time with too..and evan just briefly..only becuz someone has to work.

Neisha said...

it's amazing what they say some times. have a good trip!

Lani said...

Twinkie fans! ;) Have a good trip, Shannon.