Friday, August 07, 2009

Trip Highlights -- Part 1

I know, I know. We've been back almost a week and I'm just now getting around to sharing some pictures of our trip. We had a fun, fun, fun time! The weather was perfect, buffalo abundant, kids were good travelers, no mishaps. I'll divide these by major attractions or this will take way too long. First up: Wall Drug. I have no idea what I thought this place would be. A little old fashioned drug store with ice cream in the back? Yeah, not so much. Crazy place. The kids loved it. I think I kind of did too. It sure was better than the lousy Corn Palace.

Wall Drug is a kid's dream. Nolan has had his heart set on a cork gun for ages. Well, what do you know? W.D. has everything.

Umpteen million things for the kids to sit on/in/by.

Cutest cowboy I've ever laid eyes on. And I saw plenty being we were in the Wild West.

I think this ridiculous thing is a bit famous. It was just a smidgen fun to sit on.

Ladies man.

We had homemade ice cream, got a box of donuts and I got a 5-cent cup of coffee which I discovered later they actually charged me 12-cents for. I got a to-go cup rather than a mug. A 7-cent styrofoam? Wow. It was a fun place but not for the claustrophobic.


Lani said...

Never been to the Corn Palace. Sounds like it was a good thing to miss? Been to Wall Drug. Sounds/looks like it was the same as the way we left it. ;) So glad you had such a great trip!

Anonymous said...

We took this same trip when our kids were just about your kids ages. Brings back lots of fun memories! I even brought out that old album and had fun riding along with you. :)

Mindy said...

half the fun is getting there, don't ya think? you know, the 500 million billboards advertising wall drug. then you finally get there & think ok, no more signs. oh wait, what's that one say? "you just missed wall drug" fun times. glad to have you back though.

Ben, Heather & kids said...

We thought the Corn Palace was a waste of time too. I agree with Mindy on the Wall drug billboards! :)

Kerry said...

Haha-- We went to the corn palace last summer, too, and walked around it and kept thinking, ''we MUST be missing SOMETHING!"