Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Trip, Part 3 -- Beachin'!

Evan playing with the kids. 7-mile Beach in Grand Cayman. The water was crystal clear and the sand was white, soft and fine. Beautiful.

Avrie sat as still as a statue while the "nice lady" braided her hair. $2 per braid. Yeowch. But it was a touristy island experience!

This is how Cole enjoyed the beach!

Where'd my toes go?! Avrie really didn't enjoy the ocean. She hated the waves rolling in! This was at Labadee, Haiti. Labadee is a private island owned by Royal Caribbean. It was okay...the beaches were really rocky. There was a long zip-line over the ocean on one side of the island. Avrie liked watching the people "fly".



Neisha said...

cute pictures

ethel said...

makes me happy just seeing the warm sandy beach and blue blue..

Pam said...

love the pics - thanks for sharing them.