Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Trip, Part 2 -- Onboard Fun

View of the outdoor pool area. There are two more whirlpools to the right. There was also an adults only pool area. We sat in the whirlpools but didn't do the big pools.

Grandma Char took Avrie on a few shopping trips. She found this puppy in a fancy carrier.

Great Grandpa and Grandma organized a game of Deal or No Deal. We all had the chance to win $0-$75. Or Grandma's expired coupons or fudge!

Elroy, Paula, Cole and I cheering on the basketball game:

That's my hubby making a basket!

The Anderson cousins. This picture was impossible!!

Princess Avrie on her throne.

Happy boy hanging out in our room.

Two beautiful girls!

The kids loved coming back to the room after supper to see what towel animal Mark created! This is a frog. We had a bat, monkey, elephant and rabbit. Avrie quickly discovered the chocolates on the pillows and would race into the room and eat them all before we got ours.

We had fun playing up on the windy helicopter pad. It would almost pick the kids up right off their feet! Avrie needed some bandaids on her knees.

Grandma Char organized a little birthday party for Oliver and Brayden. This is a group shot of all the great grandchildren.

Avrie showing off her party favor from Grandma.

Nolan went to the Adventure Ocean kids club a few times. One evening they had a pirate theme and they put on a short little parade through the Promenade.

Whew. So much to do that we needed naps.
Nolan and Dad played a few rounds of mini-golf but I didn't get any pictures.


Mindy said...

ayla has a fancy dog purse too. i call it her paris hilton purse. in the deal or no deal photo, who is the girl in the blue tank behind margaret? also, i saw you had your snugglebee sling. did it work ok?

Dalene said...

Looks like you all had a great time; that's awesome! I always forget that you're related to Brent & Julie and Julie's family. Although I know it--it always surprises me. :)

Gwen said...

did an island lady braid avries hair??

Tim and Melissa said...

Sure looks like a lot of fun!!!

Kerry said...

Looks like a great trip! We've never been on a cruise--do you recommend it?

Shannon said...

kerry---oh yes! cruising is our favorite vacation. BUT---not with kids our ages!! wait until your youngest is 3+ and then go!

Neisha said...

so how are you related to Dan & Paula?

Shannon said...

Evan's mom and dad are bro/sis.

ethel said...

fun..i can just almost feel the sun..