Thursday, January 15, 2009

Those Resolution Thingees

I looked back here and see that I failed miserably last year. So, here we go again. I've really given these some thought and hope that I can follow through with them.

  • Make the bed daily. It really does set the tone for the day. I feel so much better and get so much more done when I do take the literal two seconds it takes to make it.
  • Spend less time on the computer. MUCH less.
  • Try to make sense of the Old Testament and get a little of the history sorted out. Make reading every day a priority.
  • Be kind to myself.
  • Start knitting again. Even if it is just on car rides. Knitting really centers me.
  • Strive for patience with my children. And my husband. And myself.
  • Have company at least once a month. This will be hard for me.
  • Keep up on the laundry. Oh, who am I kidding!?


Janelle said...

This list could be my list!! The only change I would make is that I do still knit and I'm grateful for that. And I need to spend way WAY less time on the computer. Good luck with your list!

ethel said...

knitting really is magic for me as well! i want to get lots and lots better at it. it's just the most cozy endeavor i've tried in a long time. good list chick!

Tim and Melissa said...

Very nice list...many of these things should be on my 'list'...except for that I never made a 'list'! And when your house is on the active listing market, you kinda have to make your bed. Maybe I should make my kids beds everyday, instead of just when we have a showing :O) (they have bunkbeds, and they suck with a 7 mos pregnant belly). Maybe I'll just try to stick by your list ;o)

Pam said...

like your list ... i never took the time to make one this year. the old test is hard for me to study too.

Neisha said...

i'd love to learn to knit. I need to find someone to teach me

Annie and Len said...

i usually make our bed before going to makes more sense to have straight sheets for the night:P what do you mean exactly by getting centered?

Laura Ingalls Wilder said...

hmmm, last bullet . . . refer to bullet #4. I'd like to meet the woman that keeps up on laundry. Making the bed is a must for me ~ I have to begin the night with my half of the covers or I end up with nothing!!

Amber said...

According to what I'm reading here, I "make" my bed everynight before I climb in. It really just straightening the sheets/pillows/covers. If Jason hops in before me and the covers are a mess, I make him get out and fix it. I always say "you know it's not gonna work for me, so if you'd just do it in the first place..." He's getting better.

Not doing so well on some of my resolutions. Whatever.