Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Trip, Part 1 -- The Way Down

We left the Cities at 4 PM on Christmas Day. We drove all night and beat the ice storm in Illinois by 30 minutes. Elroy's sister Phyllis lives just outside of Atlanta and we pulled into her place at 3 PM on Friday. We spent the night there in a bed...ahhh...and left around 9 and drove all day. Traffic was awful due to the holiday, construction and accidents. Eric and Lori had room for us to crash at their hotel in Disney World so we aimed to get there at 5 with enough time for Avrie to enjoy Disney a bit. With all the traffic we didn't get there until 9. It was time enough for her to catch the fireworks...good enough for her!

Sound asleep for the night. Avrie was the best traveler. We hardly heard a peep from her the whole way down. She played with a doll from Grandma, colored, etc.

This guy was another story. What's that in his mouth? *GASP* HYPOCRITE! I caved in and bought this Nuk on Friday morning hoping that it would help a bit. It really didn't. It did help him fall asleep a few times so I guess it was worth it. It got thrown the day we got home. Cole hates his carseat when he's awake. I'll admit to taking him out of his carseat way too often.

Desperation. DVD player two inches from his face. Bought us about 15 minutes of peace. Hope I didn't fry his brain.

Avrie looking a bit rough around the edges. We resorted to DVD's the last few hours.

Uncle Eric met us outside a resort and took Avrie in for the fireworks. She screamed at the top of her lungs "I'm in Disney World!" 'Unco Ewic' is #1 in her book!

Nolan was very excited to see his sister! After we got home and were looking at pictures he told me "Mom, when Avrie came to Disney World I just held her and held her and held her." He didn't ask about me once when he was gone but when he saw me he didn't let go for at least 10 minutes! He was extra snuggly for a few days.

Zoning out on Sunday morning before we headed for the ship.


Nate, Natalie & Klara Mink said...

yup, that just convinced me that I will never travel that far in a car with kids!

Mindy said...

me neither. we always talk about driving to north carolina & then decide against it. about 6 or 7 hours is as long as my kids can take being in the van - the baby would be fine though. however, ayla would have been just like cole!! i don't blame you one bit for trying the nuk!

Lani said...
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Lani said...

What a cutie Avrie is. I would have loved to been there to hear her scream so excitedly about experiencing Disney. I also am very, very in love with the picture of Nolan snuggling with his Avrie he missed so much. What a sweetheart.