Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cole's 2-Month Stats

23.5 inches (71%)
13 lbs 8 oz (91%)

His bellybutton looks great...doc said that it's on the small side for a hernia so it should resolve around 6-9 months of age. Perfect little chubby babe!


Gwen said...

mom has a bunch of your things in a box to weed out her closet.. one your baby book. 2 months 8lbs 7oz 23 1/4
you started out at 8lbs 13oz :)

Gwen said...

mom stands corrected...TYPO error..or rather ..SENIOR moment..13 lbs 7 oz rather than the whopping 8...:)

Tim and Melissa said...

2 months?? TWO MONTHS?? Are you sure? Wow, time has flown!