Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I attempted to get some good shots today for Avrie's 2-year mugshot. They didn't turn out too bad but I think I'll try again. Maybe with a ponytail and a different dress AND a healthy girl. We've all had the summer cold here and she doesn't look quite up to par. Here's a few favorites:

This was my favorite shot by far. I used Picnik to fix it up a bit...that means I used auto-fix and added a border. I'm a little photo-retouching illiterate. I even have Photoshop on my computer and I've never used it. *Gasp*


I think this is such a pretty one.

"Ticko me 'gain, Mommy."


Amber said...

What a cutie...photoshop is awesome if you can figure out what you're doing....

Lani said...

Awww... Avrie you're a doll! Hard to go wrong with material like you.