Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's been a long time...

since I've done randoms:

  • Evan and I just finished watching The Business of Being Born. I am going to try my darned hardest to have this baby with minimal medical intervention. If you're expecting, watch it. If you're not, watch it so you know exactly what goes on in hospitals in America. It sure isn't a pretty picture.
  • Avrie's birthday party is this Saturday. I'm going to attempt to make a kitty cat cake for her tomorrow. Her room is just about done...I'll take some pictures soon.
  • She has had diarrhea for a week with no apparent cause other than teeth. She's eating and drinking pretty normally and has no other symptoms other than a cold. It's the second time she's had this weird virus this summer. The upside: she's doing great at pooping on the potty.
  • Nolan told me at breakfast yesterday morning "Mommy, I want Daddy to wash my baby brother's head when he comes out of your tummy because I want to kiss his head when he comes out."
  • Avrie was up at 4 a.m. one night this week "Mommy, want oatmeal. Oatmeal, Mommy. Oatmeal, MOMMY." Seriously. Daddy put an end to that tantrum for me. I'd already cried myself out of bed twice that night to pee and once to get Avrie a drink of water.
  • When you ask how I'm doing and I say "fine" I really mean: "Give me a handful of Vicodin and a venti espresso. ASAP." I'm in severe pain and exhausted.
  • I have my 35 week check tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my doctor tells me she'll be surprised if I make it much past 36 weeks. If not:
  • We got the kids a new pool tonight. A big one with a slide. I'll sit in it and breathe through labor pains while the kids have a blast. For the rest of my pregnancy. I'll hire someone to bring me cool drinks and rub my back.
  • To all you doubters: MY VAN IS STILL CLEAN. TWO WEEKS!


Mindy said...

pain with sleeping, walking, back pain, pressure? what's happening? i was on the phone with my mom last night telling her i felt like the baby was about to fall out of me. i slept good & feel good today though. avrie was early, right? maybe you only have a week or two to go. hang in there!

Lani said...

I'm so sorry. I was QUITE miserable with Gavyn in those final weeks, so it doesn't give me much hope if we decide to have #3. Like Mindy, I felt like the baby was about to fall out with #2. You guys are doing a lot to convince me having three would be a good idea. Ha. Good luck with the kitty cake.

ethel said...

i love your randoms. venti commin right up. that exhaustion just bites. that's why the only thing that is really impressive about my kids is/was their napping ability. i had them TRAINED to take naps. so i could. cuz i was pregnant all the time and i needed needed those naps. i hope you are getting a nap in at least 2 x a day. can i predict ????pleaseeee? you will go past my Garrett's by 3 days..which means August 18th....10 days from today. cool b'day wouldn't it be? 8-18-08. thoughts of comfort and rest are with you.

Shannon said...

yes, yes, yes, yes. i have severe, severe pubic symphysis and feel like i'm being split in two every time i get up from lying down. which makes those nightly bathroom jaunts so pleasant. my doctor told me today that she could prescribe me vicodin but i wasn't too thrilled with that idea...creates dependency issues with the baby i guess. so i'm taking tylenol around the clock to see if that helps. and i did get approval to do all the natural labor speeder uppers so i'm downing evening primrose oil, drinking raspberry leaf tea and am considering jumping my husband every night until the baby comes. i said's way too much work these days!!

ethel said...

black cohosh..look it up..might do a little of that. i had that certain pain you are speaking of ..not near the extent to which you have it though. blessings.