Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ryan's Birthday Party, 8/2

The Birthday Boy! Happy #5, Ryan!

The slip 'n' slide was really for the big boys! The kids had a hard time running fast enough to slide far or fast.

Nolan, Megan, Ryan, Charlie, Ava, Avrie

Amy H. made homemade ice cream.

Yes, off there in the distance...

Way on top of the jumper.

Cooling off.


Mindy said...

i can't believe the guys were doing the slip n slide. those things look painful to me now!

Shannon said...

i know...they were painful as a kid too! i remember being all bruised up. dad would just throw an old tarp down and we'd lay the hose at the top. much longer ride!

Lani said...

It's funny how the "big" boys always figure out a way to join/take over the fun. Ha.