Monday, July 21, 2008

Saturday, Day 3

Saturday morning was gorgeous. After breakfast we all headed to the beach and waterpark. Back for lunch. While Avrie and I napped the rest of 'em went mini-golfing and swimming again. I lost track of what we did after Avrie woke up. I vaguely remember them riding bikesup and down the road in front of our cabin. Oh, and the water balloon attack on Uncle Eric. We took Nolan to Ol' Blue while supper was cooking. After that the dark clouds rolled in. We all went over to Char & Elory's camper and hung out with light sticks, popcorn and a movie. It poured and poured. Mom, Dad and Kami eventually got out of there and headed for home. The Yogi cartoons were canceled due to the rain so we went to bed earlier than usual.

Preparing for an attack!

This is Nolan going down the big Ol' Blue slide. The first time he went he got spun around right away and rode down backwards. He really didn't want to go again but we convinced him otherwise. He stayed facing forwards and loved it. But not enough to go again!

Kami--The Marshmallow Roasting Queen

Auntie Lori brought light sticks for the kids. They were still a hit even though they couldn't use them outside.

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