Monday, July 21, 2008

Friday, Day 2

I opened the eggs for breakfast and discovered they'd been frozen overnight. We put the ones that hadn't cracked into some warm water to thaw and they were fine. My mom peeled the cracked ones and saved the eggs and we used them Saturday morning for french toast and they were fine.

This is why the boys love the beach.

This is why I love the beach. Notice that dark patch on my right thigh? That's my boiling water burn.

Grandma and Nolan had fun catching polliwogs and little frogs. Nolan kept three of them in a water bottle and carried them around all day. They even got to watch Yogi cartoons! They had expired by morning.

Bathing Beauty.

This is my Dad. Sleeping. With a bikini clad babe within eyesight. Although...she was a downright annoying bikini babe and I do believe that's a turn off. Well, at least for me...if I was a guy. She whined and complained about how dirty the beach water was and wouldn't set foot in it.

My Darlings

Avrie and I woke up from our afternoon nap and looked out the window to see that it had downpoured heavily while we were snoozing. She is standing on the edge of the sandbox across from our cabin. It was above my ankles. She had a blast playing in it.

Kami teaching Avrie all about good ol' Archie, Ronnie and Betty. I'm thinking she steered clear of their relationship woes and just stuck to teaching her their names.

Why do kids like plain marshmallows, unroasted? They are so, so, so gross. She loved them. Obviously...she's a kid.

Nolan roasting away.

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Tim and Melissa said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun camping....