Monday, July 07, 2008


  • I am sick and tired of yelling at the kids. Why don't they just LISTEN? I hate feeling like the mean ol' mommy.
  • I'm tired of being ready for bed the moment I wake up.
  • I wish I had a next door neighbor who I could swap babysitting with.
  • Avrie woke up with a goopy green eye this morning. I dumped some boric acid (contact solution) in it and it looks normal now. **She woke up from her nap this afternoon with a glued shut eye oozing lots of green pus. Normally I'd just treat her naturally, but I take care of a little girl on Wednesday and Thursday and I don't want Nolan contracting it and missing swimming lessons. So we went to urgent care for antibiotic drops. Which are SO MUCH FUN administering to an almost 2-year-old.**
  • I'm exhausted just thinking about the next 10 days. Nolan has swimming lessons M-Th. I have crazy person therapy on Tuesday afternoon. Meeting Wednesday night. Klara on Wednesday and Thursday. OB check, a week late, on Friday morning. With no babysitter. Which means I haul my kids downtown and keep them busy and out of the way while the Dr. measures and pokes. And fights with me about a shot I don't need and refuse to have. Saturday and Sunday will go too fast. M-Wed Nolan has nature camp. I have Klara on M, T and possibly Wed. I have more crazy person therapy on Wed and meeting in the evening. I have to pack for Jellystone, for which we leave on Thursday Noon. And my husband will be working his tail off, which makes me a single mother.
  • Yawn.
  • There's my dose of optimism for the day!
  • Oh, and my throat is sore and I've been blowing my nose all morning. Yipeeee.


Tim & Melissa said...

Awww, I wish you lived closer, I'd watch your kids for ya. And have some mommy-time with you...that's a must if you prefer to keep your sanity. How far do you live from Kenosha???

Shannon said...

haha, thanks! well, we live in minneapolis..i have no idea where kenosha is!

Neisha said...

i agree with you on the first 3.

Tim & Melissa said...

Kenosha is between Milwaukee and Chicago along Lake it'd be a good 5-ish hours I'm guessing???

Tim & Melissa said...

p.s.-If Brendon and Katie live anywhere near you, she's fabulous with kids!!!

Lorene said...

Oh, Shannon, I wonder how many times us OLD mom's said, I am sick and tired of yelling at you. WHY DON'T YOU JUST LISTEN???" and how many times, when you were teens, we would say, oh,if you would only listen to our advice, and now when you are older we think, oh, if only i could....but we know you are adults and have to find your way through all this on your own, just like we did...take a deep breath. count slowly to ten, drink a nice big cool glass of water..whatever it takes to cool yourself down. of course, if they are running out in the street then you YELL! sometimes doing something totally out of sync works lying on the floor with their favorite blanket and teddy bear...well, maybe you should try the couch..
oh, if my kids were home and i could say, i love you children so much, pour them a glass of milk and give them a slice of good bread...and some advice for their souls...please enjoy these days as difficult as they are they go way too fast..hugs from your auntie who loves you,,,

ethel said...

hey babe. you are NOT crazy. this is as sane as life gets. 2 babies and 1 on the way..been there done that and felt crazy too.
#1. How to find a babysitter. This is VERY important. Right now..this is top priority. On the top of the list right after prayer. FIND BABYSITTER NOW. If i lived near i would freely offer. I wish i did..cuz i know so much how you feel. Everyone has their thoughts on babysitters.. i would make it a hot topic in that therapy session..brainstorm...research...find a babysitter. I know...I'm a hammer.
Have fun at Jellystone. Been there..done that. Remember , always, there is no vacation with kids. There is only relocation!! Enjoy!!