Friday, July 11, 2008

What We've Been Up To....

  • I had my 31 week OB check today. Grandma met me there and took the kids off my hands. They went to the zoo and I went to wait (as usual) a long time for my appointment. Which was pure bliss without the kids. Everything went fine...measuring on time, heartbeat is strong and they didn't give me one single ounce of trouble regarding the shot I declined. Wahooo!
  • I had my first therapy appointment this week. I haven't been in therapy for over 4 years. I got to fill out the lovely psychoanalysis book (I'd call it a questionnaire, but it's much closer to a book..haha). I took part of this "test" way back 5-ish years ago and failed miserably. This time I was quite happy to see that I'm not as bad off as I thought I might be. I'm currently set up for weekly appointments...we'll see how things go from there. Anyway, one of the "fill in the blank as fast as you can without thinking" questions was As a child I always felt guilty about ____. I read it to Evan and he says automatically "stealing cookies and pop from the locked cupboard in the kitchen". I told his mom today and she wasn't surprised...go figure!
  • On the way home from Grandma's today (a 30 minute drive when it's NOT rush hour...we were smack dab in the middle of the 5:00 rush) our car threatened to overheat. We thought we had fixed this problem with replacing the broken A/C. Apparently not. It eventually conked out on us about 2 miles from home. Luckily Evan was home and came to get us. He opened the hood and let it sit for a bit more. By then it had cooled off enough that it started and made it home. So, he's been on the phone with the auto parts place and made a trip to the store to get a part or two. HOPEFULLY it's nothing major. It's paid for, which is the only reason we're not rushing out to trade it in. We do not need a car payment. Not in the slightest.
  • We have Brendon and Katie's wedding reception tomorrow afternoon. Not sure what else is on the agenda. Sure would be nice to get started on painting Avrie's room. But the car repairs will take priority over that.
  • Oh! I scored some fairy print fabric at the thrift store yesterday for .95 cents. My MIL is going to help me put together a toddler size quilt for Avrie. One piece is a yellow background and the other is green. Both have the same fairies printed on them.

Evan told me one morning before he left that I should water the really dry spots in the lawn. Is this child labor?? Check out my insane tomato plants. I need to prune them but I'm too lazy and it's too hot. And I don't like smelling like a tomato plant.

Little Miss got thirsty.

I'm in the process of making an arts corner in our living room. I sat down last night and painted this in half an hour. I have never painted a picture in my life. I used watercolor crayons and a paint brush. I printed this quote on afterwards. I think it turned out pretty great, huh?! Okay, so it looks like a 4-year-old painted it. Maybe I'll sign Nolan's name on it instead of mine.

31 weeks large. I got these two shirts and Kohl's last night. They are NOT maternity. I cannot even imagine what it would look like if I didn't have the gigantic belly under it.

I love this one. Super comfy pheasant style in a nice earthy print.


Cheri said...

Very cute tops!! 31 weeks...that means 6 weeks to go...right? ;)

I want to see a picture of your art corner!

Shannon said...

you got it! sure hope i deliver early again.

okay, 'in the process' means, i painted a picture. ta-da. !! it might be a while before it's actually done. i really need a bookshelf to store all my books and then i can turn the secretary into an arts and crafts cupboard thingamabob.

Tim & Melissa said...

Way cute tops!! You may not agree, but your pregnancy seems to have flown by! Does Mr. Man have a name chosen yet?

Shannon said...

we're trying one out now that seems to have stuck. But there are a million mommies pregnant with boys right now so it's being kept hush-hush!

Neisha said...

We went to Brendon and Katie's wedding in Illinois (she's a relation to my husband).
when you get all done with Avery's room you'll have to post pics.
Is Avery in the buff?
You did a great job on the painting. Maybe I should give it a try some time. see how it turns out
I used some of Kylie's artwork in the kids' bathroom for pictures.

Shannon said...

yeah, she tends to run around the yard naked.

ethel said...

ok...i just figured out a job for you. call Pregnancy magazine and get an agent. You look like a model! And i love your artwork..intense yet very perky colors...i won't analyze it beyond that ( ha). Sounds like you're creatively "nesting"...i'd say that baby's gonna come in 4 more month!

Shannon said...

i don't want my baby born that early! nolan was only two weeks early and he had breathing difficulties!

Lani said...

Lovin' your painting and your new tops. So very cute. But I'm with Ethel... I'm thinkin' it's the "model" that makes 'em.