Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy Belated 4th

We came to The Farm Thursday night to spend a couple days laying around. Laying around on the farm means: frantically chasing kids so they don't end up in the pool or under a tractor; sorting and fly-treating cattle; playing golf; laying sod; swimming.

Dandelion Soup

One of Mom's flower beds.

The 4th without watermelon is like an egg without salt.

Beyond happy with his good fortune.

I spent the majority of the 3rd making the dough for danish braids. This lovely picture here is a cream cheese and apricot that got rave reviews. I also made a chocolate pastry cream with fresh raspberries but it didn't get nearly the
"mmmmm's" that the cream cheese one did. For more details and yummy pictures check out my food blog.

Avrie finishing off the leftover chocolate pastry cream. Two minutes before supper. Hey, it had eggs and milk in it.

Nolan has had an absolute blast swimming in Grandma's pool. He's showing off his mad skillz that he's learned in lessons. It was his first experience with water wings...he's quite taken with them.

Looks like we have two little water lovers.

My camera has a fireworks setting. Can't say it worked very well!

"That one was cool. It had all the colors in the whole world". --Nolan

Avrie LOVED the fireworks. She "Oooh'd and Ahhh'd" at them all.


Mindy said...

looks like you had fun. we ran into some of your relatives at the twins game!

Shannon said...


Mindy said...

lowell, margaret, your in-laws, eric & lori & kids.

Neisha said...

once again, cute kids

Lani said...

Lovin' the dandelion soup... was it good? And Nolan's quote is priceless. It just encapsalates everything that is good and right with 4th of July fireworks. Glad you had such a good weekend with your two cute little fish.