Monday, May 19, 2008


At the beginning of the month P-Dub ran a post about favorite foods. I've been making my own running list since then and am interested to know what yours are! These are generally things that, no matter how much I eat, I'm always bummed when the last bite is gone. In no particular order:

  • Sushi
  • Pizza - yes, there is BAD pizza. I'm partial to Punch.
  • Naan with sour cream and my homemade marmalade
  • Berries of all kinds. Preferably fresh picked and still warm from the sun.
  • Greek salad
  • Steak - medium rare
  • Mussels
  • Ice cream - yes, there is BAD ice cream.
  • Caprese salad with buffalo mozzarella
  • Creme brulee
  • Fresh artichokes with butter
  • Bubbie's sauerkraut
  • Watermelon - the stuff of my youth tops it all.
  • Mangoes
  • Cookie dough
  • Root beer floats
  • Bruchetta with tomatoes still warm from the vine
  • Olives - but not your standard green and black. I could eat a meal at the Olive Bar at Byerly's or Lund's.
  • Animal crackers - I love Cub's Wild Harvest Organic brand.
  • Iced tea, unsweetened
  • Rice Krispy bars
  • Mushroom Swiss burgers - medium

I think I could go on and on and on....


Amber said...

yup, Nikki is my little sister....I'll ask if she remembers you!

Amber said...

**Talked to Nikki tonight, her and Tony both think your kids are adorable and really well behaved, and you guys are great parents! She was telling me once about some adorable little kids in Tony's meeting, and she was talking about you guys. I think your family is adorable too.

Shannon said...

Hmmm...they must have caught us on good days!! Actually, our kids are pretty good in morning meeting but Wednesday nights are horrible. Avrie is at the worst age ever for meeting right now...she tests her limits constantly. Nolan hasn't been out of a meeting for probably a's great when they can understand what sitting still and being quiet means!

Amber said...

You would look that great in the pictures...I would love to take them to. I think they turned out beautiful. She is a great friend and I actually attended the birth of her baby to, as her doula. I'm not certified yet, but the experience was beautiful and awesome. I can't even explain it. Then about 2-3 weeks later I found out I was's not so great when your the one in labor! Trae is at an awful age for sitting in meeting. He must have known to behave on Sunday because I was miserably sick and we didn't have to take him out once. The Sunday before I was out almost the whole meeting.

Mindy said...

i like pizza, dark chocolate, brie, olives, hummus, tuna with avocado & feta, sprouted rye bread, any kind of cheesecake from cafe latte, chili with all the fixings, grilled hamburgers, oatmeal with fresh fruit & maple syrup & omelets. that's all i can think of right now.

Janelle said...

i like dark chocolate, pizza, creme brulee, flan, beer brats (if made with good brats like beelers), chicken tortilla soup, meat with peanut sauce, homemade brownies......that's all I can think of at the moment. I could go on and on too. :)

Lani said...

Oh...a listy thing. *squeals* Let's see...

1) sausage and green olive pizza
2) French Silk Pie DQ blizzards
3) Mickey D's Reeses McFlurries with extra hot fudge mixed in
4) lamb burgers with mint pesto
5) tabbouleh
6) kibbeh
7) yubra
8) hummus and pita bread (me, too!)
9) dark chocolate truffles
10) warm homemade chocolate pudding with real whipped cream on top
11) strawberries (plain, chocolate covered, with shortcake and whipped cream... pretty much in any form)
12) grapefruit
13) celery
14) hot chocolate
15) Panera Bread's cinnamon crunch bagels with hazelnut cream cheese
16) egg pancakes with chocolate chips, strawberries, syrup, and whipped cream
17) French toast
18) pumpkin pie with whipped cream
19) baked beans and potato chips (together!)
20) dill pickle flavored potato chips
21) chocolate chip cookies (fresh out of the oven - still warm - with a glass of milk)
22) hot fudge brownies with ice cream melting over the top
23) peanut sauce (me, too!)
24) buffalo wings with ranch dressing and celery
25) chocolate/mocha flavored ice cream shakes with flavored candy sticks (can't remember what they're called) in them

Ok... I'll quit now before I win the prize of the longest comment ever. ;)

ethel said...

a tag for you awaits on my site...anyway, i also adore swiss and mushroom burgers...yummmmm and pretty much everything mindy mentioned. i love food . period.