Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tag, I'm It...

What I was doing 10 years ago? Probably counting down the days until the extended weekend so I could spend it with my long-distance boyfriend. I was 15. I actually remember that I went to his house for the weekend and they were re-roofing their house. Evan threw a rug off the roof and I thought it was a body and had a heart attack.
Five Snacks I Enjoy: Fresh fruit. Honestly...not much of a snacker.
Five Things On My To Do List Today: Keep the kids alive. Keep myself sane. Make supper. Have a shower. Go to Bible study.
Five jobs I have had: Photo retoucher for Herff Jones. Dental receptionist. Spine Center receptionist. Transcriber for Spine Center. MOM. The last one is by far the hardest, lowest pay and most rewarding.
Five of my bad habits: According to me or my husband?! I brush my teeth too much. I never get dressed unless I'm going somewhere...and Target usually doesn't qualify as "somewhere". I have terrible posture. I never have excuse: it's expensive. I never put the vacuum away. Unless "away" is the kitchen floor.
Five places I have lived: Lewiston, MN; St. Paul, MN; Eagan, MN; Columbia Heights, MN. That's it.


Cheri said...

on the bad habits...think how much money you save by taking good care of your teeth, and all the laundry you save by wearing your pjs. Elliot generally wears pjs that pass off as clothes the next day...makes total sence to me!

Shannon said...

by golly gee, you're right =)