Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Few Days of Summer...

Nolan fell asleep on the way home from Mindy's on Thursday. He woke up long enough to slide to the floor and slept there for at least half an hour. He's clutching "baby lamb" who follows him EVERYWHERE he goes. It's disgusting. I managed to wash it yesterday but he talked about him the whole time. Last night before bed Evan picked him up and he said "I love Mommy and I love Baby Lamb". Poor Daddy.

Little Monkey took a dive face-first into the ground.

And this is where I bit my lip. It bled like crazy and tasted awful. My Mommy remained surprisingly calm and just did a tooth check and sent me back out to play.

Isn't this the perfect capture of summer? Especially the band-aid on the knee.

Check out my tan line. It turned into quite the painful burn a few hours later. And I have a billion +1 freckles. Maybe by the end of the summer they'll all be connected into an even tan. Ha!

Mr. Cheese playing croquet. He set the course up himself, obviously. Pretty challenging, eh?

Snacking bathing beauty.

A friend.

Such a beautiful day calls for much better reading material. I was thinking smutty romance but don't seem to have any on's not generally my thing. However, I did visit the physical therapist that morning and she gave me a nice little graphic* pamphlet titled "sex with back pain". Uncomfortable yet? Have I overshared again? *And by "graphic" I mean bad sketches of people in swimsuits. Because that's how we all do it. Right?

An adorable little imp waiting for her breakfast.


Lani said...
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Lani said...

Aha... your pool is out. Kekoa's begging for ours, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. You ALL are adorable, you know that?

Gwen said...

did mom have to have a bandaid to get daughter to wear hers??

Shannon said...

oh no...she's got the whole band-aid thing down...she wants one for invisible owwies just because they are elmo. that one stayed on for two days i think.

Tim & Melissa said...

It's warm enough for a pool at your house??? I'm so jealous!!

Shannon said...

it sure was last friday....77. it was probably 80 in our backyard and not much of a breeze. i did spoil the kids and carry out two big pots of hot water so the water wasn't so freezing. and they didn't sit down or anything...just dipped their feet.