Monday, April 28, 2008

Stuart #$%& Little

Need some motivation to scrub down your kitchen with disinfectant? Let little Stuart Little in. Although don't say I didn't warn you: those "Little's" sure do poop an awful lot.

I went to look in my purse this morning for a receipt and found my purse full of chewed up paper and plastic baggies from the kids snacks. And mouse poop. Lots of mouse poop. Insane amounts of poop.

Further investigation found my counter to be filled with poop. Lots of poop. Massive amounts of poop.

So far the cupboards are clear. I could only find two traps in the garage and they are both set. I'm going to Target after naps and buying them out of traps. We will catch that "Little" son-of-a-mouse.

We're hoping we have a singular mouse. Evan brought in an old blanket from the garage Saturday morning and we're pretty sure it came in that way.

On a funny note...I told the kids we had a mouse living in our house and Avrie immediately went to Nolan's room and got his stuffed Mickey Mouse. Oh, if only.


Gwen said...

what about your hamster least they were usually in a cage right?!

Mindy said...

YUCK! we only had 2 this year, but last year we had like 8 - disgusting huh? remind me to tell you my awful, horrible mouse story next time i see you.

Tim & Melissa said...

Oh how disgusting....and you're going to sleep there?!?!?? I have severe mouse-phobia. Before we had kids, Tim had left for work (he was working 2 hrs away) and I didn't have to leave for another 45 minutes, so I was enjoying the morning when our cat (which later got eaten by something in the woods) brought a live mouse into the living room by me. Never killed it, just toyed with it. I ran to the kitchen screaming and stood on the kitchen table, where I called my husband in tears begging him to come home and kill the mouse. He wouldn't. So then I called my dad begging him to come kill it (he lives 2.5 hrs away). He didn't. So I managed to fling the mouse out the door on a magazine, then left for work 45 minutes early. Am I a HUGE wimp or what!?!?! Good luck to you!

Shannon said...

i'm having nightmares about waking up in the night with a mouse running across my face.

i'd actually rather have a mouse than a spider-infested house. we spray for bugs and our house is 99% bug free. the 1% is what flies in when we open the door. at least mice are cute. even though they poop buckets and shred up everything in sight.

Lani said...

Oh yuck... been there done that. I had to throw out a lot of things in my pantry a couple of years ago. Last year, we kept getting woken up by mice in our bedroom vent (you could actually see them if you shined a flashlight in on them). Craig found the hole they were coming in and out of from the outside and filled it up with foam this past summer, and guess what? No more mice and it's been a lot warmer in our bedroom this year.

Nate, Tara, and Jaden said...

That's DISGUSTING! We've managed to keep all of your mice in the garage so far. I complain about the infestation of ants and gnats in this house but i'll take that over Stuart Little.

p.s. you should consider becoming a writer, you're talented at writing