Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Photo Shoot in the Park


I'm so in love with this picture.

I'm so in love with this picture too.

At Como Zoo this morning. Being very impish.

Checking out the wee little plants.



Lani said...

We used to go to Como Park a lot when we were kids. I miss it. Maybe we'll have to go again this summer with the boys when we're up there in July for a family reunion.

Lani said...

Cute kids, by the way. ;)

Neisha said...

your kids are darling

Cheri said...

Those are adorable!!!!! Nuf said

ethel said...

i grew up at como zoo and it's even so much better than it used to be! i love the conservatory! did you get there? your kids seem content and happy to be there!

Shannon said...

yes, como rocks. we did go through the conservatory and i was all excited to get pictures of the kids but it was so hot and steamy in there that my lens kept fogging up. they have an AWESOME kids play area now...in the conservatory building. i think the kids had more fun watching the construction workers build the new polar bear habitat than the actual animals. we go ALOT so they get pretty used to it.