Saturday, April 26, 2008


I think any of my close friends and family know that I absolutely do not like donuts. They leave a nasty aftertaste and disgusting burps. However, I have had a maple long john craving for the last month or so. I have searched high and low for a donut that takes care of the craving. All of these searches ended with a bite out of a donut and the rest going in the trash. Unfortunately (yes, UN), I have found the best donuts ever. They are from a local bakery in our city and fabulous. To the best of my knowledge my kids have never had a donut. So I treated the family (well, the husband is still in bed) to donuts this morning:

Nolan's finished donut.


Becky said...

How sweet. What a little talker. Great pictures. Okay, I'll get busy with my Saturday routine now.

Lani said...

Cuz frosting's the best part. And Nolan... cool pajamas. Kekoa likes his T-Rex pajamas, too. The exact same ones you were wearing this morning. What a couple of cuties!

ethel said...

hey, i just noticed you read Water for Elephants and loved it..So did I and so did I!!! Wasn't it just super?