Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Treating Myself

Another thing I wish I could afford: regular sushi. Wednesdays are a loooonnggg busy day for me with Klara and preschool and trying to fill two hours of time while Nolan is at school. Today I had a shirt to return from two months ago (found the receipt when I cleaned my purse yesterday). I got to the mall with the two girls to find that the store is no longer there. By this time they are needing a snack and I didn't bring anything along because my brain was still in bed. So we went to Barnes & Noble and got a delicious Crisco biscuit for them to share. Then back to the truck and to Target for supper food, sushi for me (I so deserve it today) and a frozen pizza for the kids. I had to get the crunchy (grocery store crunchy = soggy) shrimp roll until I confirm with my doctor that raw sushi will NOT kill me, which I firmly believe.

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