Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Confession

I wonder if a person can be too honest? I really don't see the point in NOT sharing things. Evan and I were talking last night and we wondered if maybe we're too comfortable with each other!!

So, I'm about to make you feel really good about yourself. I'm about to thoroughly annoy my mother. I'm about to make myself look like the laziest human being on the face of the Earth.

Way back on February 10th we made deep fried chicken legs. I had every intention of using the same batch of lard to deep fry some walleye a few days later. Rather than take up fridge space I just put the pot out on the side step. It's still there.

Feel better now?


Mindy said...

you don't look lazy just busy. i'm sure any mother of young kids totally understands this post!

Gwen said...

you don't know all moms secrets dear daughter..and i am sure it is still usable for that walleye..fry some up there is more where it came from if you want any.

Gwen said...

however i have a feeling it will move by you have a bunch to come up your steps?!!;P

Shannon said...

yeah, incentive is a great thing huh! i'm actually on roll this morning. i've done two loads of laundry, cleaned the basement, the kitchen and i just got done going through a huge stack of paper/bills/etc. i've got most of our bills set up online now so we have ALOT less paper laying around but it still piles up fast.

Tim & Melissa said...

No, that is not at all lazy. I'd measure right up to that if I was as willing to admit things like that!!

Anonymous said...

that's not even a month!! =)
it was either the end of jan or beginning of feb when i realized our pumpkins were still outside...covered under the snow, rotting. very attractive!
i've done that too with soup stuff-to get it to cool faster outside, and jonna finds it and dumps it upside down. i'm surprised nolan didn't do something like that.

Lani said...

i'm always confessing things other people would rather i hadn't shared, too. including my mom. ;) but this, girl, is not one of those things... we've all been there. hugs.