Tuesday, February 26, 2008


On the radio one day last week they were asking people what they'd do with a million dollars. I day dreamed about all the things I'd have if I could afford them. Today at Unique I found $58.50 worth of Origins products and I paid $1.80 for all. I got a tube of Modern Friction, a tube of Out of Trouble and a bottle of Well Off. All brand new. I could never, ever afford to spend so much money on facial care. I'll put a limit to my list...20 30 things I wouldn't mind having the money for:

  1. 1200-thread count sheets. Or...just sheets that match.
  2. Regular mani-pedi's
  3. Weekly massages
  4. Laser hair removal
  5. Clothes that make me feel amazing. I have nothing I feel good in.
  6. California Closets
  7. Spanx. The real ones. Knock-offs are just that...not the real thing.
  8. Highlights
  9. Laundry service. I would like laundry eliminated from my life.
  10. Cleaning service
  11. Shoes, shoes, shoes
  12. Bras. I own 2 at a time and wear them to death before I buy 2 more. Cheap ones suck.
  13. 100% of our groceries organic, free-range and grass-fed.
  14. Salon hair products. I actually have 2 giant bottles of TIGI Bed Head in my shower right now. Mom used to work for a crazy lady who impulse shopped and she let her take stuff she didn't want anymore. I stole them from Mom.
  15. Bookshelves
  16. Private school
  17. A gardener
  18. Big screen and Wii
  19. Vacation
  20. Liposuction
  21. Regular acupuncture treatments
  22. Regular chiro adjustments
  23. Temperpedic bed
  24. A mattress for Nolan's top bunk
  25. High quality rugs
  26. Handmade quilted throws
  27. Voice lessons
  28. Art therapy
  29. EO diffuser
  30. Eye glasses


ethel said...

do you mind that i always comment on your stuff? sorry. 90% of that would be me too. very funny.
i suppose i'll do a list sometime too..i hope all your dreams come true , girl! and give some moola to me too ..don't forget!

Lani said...

ok... so about the spanx. have you ever tried the target brand, because a blogger once indicated they were just as good as spanx and a lot less money. just curious.

fun list... i'm with ethel... i might have to try my own list. the possibilities are endless.

oh and please tell me more about the tracphone... read, i am very, very interested... our cell phone contract is up and i am fed up with cell phone companies.

Shannon said...

yeah, the possibilities ARE endless....hence the limit of the list. that got changed a few minutes after i posted because i had thought of 10 more!

tracphone...you buy the phone (all major retailers carry them...target, walmart, etc). then you buy minutes to put on it and you have an alotted amount of time until you have to buy minutes again. like, you buy 200 minutes and you have 3 months before you need to buy minutes again. they run deals where you can buy X minutes and have an entire year before you have to purchase more. if you lose the phone and don't find it before your due date arrives you have to buy a new phone. so, i do the entire year deal whenever it comes up. i have lost my phone for months at a time! the cheapest phone is like $20-30. i usually buy a $30 card and it's like 120 minutes or something like that.

Shannon said...

oh, and YES, i have tried target's brand and hate them. they are thicker and the material is gross. jcpenny used to carry a brand called "shapez" and those were even better than spanx but they don't make them anymore for some reason. they were almost as light and sheer as nylons and super suctiony without creating a tire around the middle and squeezing the fat to your knees.

Chris & Kait said...

Basically ditto to Ethel & Lani's comments! Love the list! I especially would love weekly massages! I agree the Target brand ones don't work very well but they are better than nothing. They don't last long either :P I think I heard Lori & Julia talking about that last week too. Hope we all can one day afford at least some of these luxuries! :)

Kayla & Brendan Layden said...

well, i guess I don't even know what I'm missing. I've NEVER heard of spanx. fun post!

Shannon said...

kait--i don't get to listen to lori and julie much anymore because my kids are awake 3-6 and they say lots of things i don't want my kids hearing just yet!!

kayla--probably because you don't need them =) =)

Amber said...

I would love all the luxuries on the list. However, if I could get laundry and cleaning service, i'd automatically feel better. I would spend my extra time doing my own mani/pedis, facials, and taking nice long baths!

Mindy said...

ok, i'm clueless too. what the heck is spanx?

Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

a wonderful invention that sucks in your lumps and bumps and smooths out cellulite. like tights or pantyhose but a million times better. check our their website for full info.

Chris & Kait said...

I don't blame you for not listening to them- especially with kids around. They are funny when they talk about real life things but sometimes they are too "adult" for me--then it's time to turn to another station. Since we aren't in the area I might hear their show once every couple of months.
By the way Spanx do work miracles ;)