Thursday, January 24, 2008


  • The secret to a quiet supper: No afternoon snack.
  • Running out of diaper wipes always happens when you absolutely need them.
  • Changing dirty diapers of children who are not mine makes me gag. It's disgusting.
  • Being sick when you're a mom really, really sucks.
  • I share everything because it's liberating and makes my mundane life a bit more interesting. Everyone should have one set of friends with who they can share EVERYTHING. Where you can pick up where you left off if you haven't seen each other for ages. Ours are Darren and Amy. There's not much left unsaid.
  • My house is filthy. And we're having Cheri, Farron (who I always manage to call Charron and Ferry) and Elliot for the weekend.
  • I've lost a few pounds this week and I'm elated. That's just a bit sick being I'm pregnant.
  • Avrie went pee on the potty last night all by herself!!!!! I'm so taking advantage of this opportunity! She's fascinated with it. And she wore undies for part of today. Yipeeeeee. Except I didn't realize (dumb I know) until last night that you have to wipe little girls. Or at least dab, ya know.
  • I made gingerbread pudding cake today. Mmmmmm. Thanks, Mom.
  • And chicken noodle soup. I wish my Mom had been here to make it for me instead because she cleans up the dirty dishes right away.
  • I'm so desperate for two peaceful minutes away from my kids that I'm dragging my sick butt out the door and going grocery shopping.
  • This weekend is going to feel like summer.


Mindy said...

I enjoyed all your random thoughts! I have an Aunt Penny and Uncle Dennis that I always accidentally call Pennis & Denny. I also dragged my sick self out to the grocery store tonight! It feels sooo wonderful to have food!

Tim & Melissa said...

And here's another penny for your thoughts.....your blog always makes me smile! :O)

Neisha said...

Congrats on the pregnancy.
Yeah for Avie. It's even better when it's them that wants to train, Nolan was like that.
I feel that girls are easier than boys. With boys you have to have to teach them to aim.

Gwen said...

One thing I cannot stand is to have cold slimy dirty dishes in a sink of cold slimy dirty water..GAG..
But thinking back..I had it that way many come first and sometimes so does ME TIME.
I could kill the rooster and make you soup..????

Shannon said...

that rooster is STILL alive?? he'd make some nasty soup. yuck.

Jamie, Trina, and Kierstin! said...

you're preggers!! Congrats!!! how far along are you? I enjoyed your random thoughts!
Happy Friday

ethel said...

i loved your random ideas except you mentioned potty training. otherwise i pretty much agree with you on everything. we never have company it seems like..whine whine. somebody come see us.
at least you just mix up people's names..i'll have people here and blank on what their name even is!!!duhhhhhhh

ethel said...

maybe that's why noone comes...

Shannon said...

trina - 7 weeks!

ethel - we'll come visit you! my name is SHANNON!

Chloe said...

i always call them charron and ferri at some point too.....and we end up getting called jarron and ami frequently....why is it some names just do that?

ethel said...

well your husband's uncle lives nearby..come and see us and him too if you want. soon! it was 50 degrees here today!

Chris & Kait said...

I was stumbling through people’s blogs and came across yours! I have to say I love your posts! Also- Congrats on be’n preggers! Hope you are all doing well! Here is a link to our blog.