Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Very Frustrated Mommy

Evan woke me up this morning at 6:30 to inform me that the fridge had died overnight. So we've got stuffed packed in ice until the new fridge comes on FRIDAY. We did have an old deep freeze in the basement that luckily works so we've got our freezer stuff there.

It's absolutely gorgeous outside and we haven't set foot outdoors. I am so fed up with potty training. Nolan has been trying all morning to poop on the potty. The moment he gets off the potty he pees on the floor. He holds it so long that he gets constipated to make matters worse. A potty training bootcamp would be a great business. Except I can't figure out how to train 1 kid...much less a whole slew.

I've been saving a Valium for days like this. I wonder what that does to the breast milk?? Anyone have any Ritalin?? Kidding, kidding. Sort of.


Mindy said...

You know, it's OK to give up on training for a bit if it's stressing everyone out. Even one whole day might help you feel better. Right after I emailed you last night Ayla peed on MY bed...sigh! Oh well, my comforter & cover needed to be washed anyway. Cheer up girl it's beautous out.

Jenny said...

Shannon, I'll be sure to keep you updated! Thanks for your comment on our blog. Glad Nolan is doing better food-wise. The allergy doctors here told me that it's rare to develop excema from food allergies. That's caused by something else. In Joel's case, it's asthma. They tend to go together. I hope you figure out Nolan's problem!