Tuesday, May 01, 2007

And We Have Teeth!

Two of 'em! Finally! Now we can bring out the real food =)

I have been waiting quite awhile for an opening in the milk group just a few minutes from us and last week they split up into two groups so there was room for me! YAY! So instead of driving 45 minutes each way to get milk I now drive 5 minutes for 100% grass-fed organic raw milk that's already bottled and ready to go. And I'm also getting free range omega 3 soy-free organic eggs that are too big for a regular egg carton and most of them are double yolks. I feel so lucky!! I was very happy to see a fridge stuffed with real milk and a nice long list of people in my area that are picking it up.

Went to Como this morning...I think we're closing in on 10 times so far this spring!

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