Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Obviously Fake Eye

Eye'm watching you. I was cleaning out the linen (if by 'linen' you mean junk) closet and came across a few pairs of my old contacts. I never liked them because my pupil was never big enough to fill the gigantic hole. As you can see. They don't look bad from *far* away but up close it's not so pretty.
My beautiful kids playing together! The pretty blanket was crocheted by Grandma Char. The cute monkey outfit was bought with my limbs.
We went mall walking with Tara and Jaden today. Actually worked up a sweat! Stopped at a store that was closing and I bought Avrie a fishtank for her room. I'll have to take a picture when I get a's pretty cool.
I asked Nolan what he wanted for lunch on the way home and he said "chicken, ketchup and fries". So we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Talk about a Hen in the Rooster house. Oh my. Ladies, if you are single and looking, just head on over to the local wing joint at noon hour. I was the only female in the place aside from the waitress. I wasn't leered at with two kids in tow, but I'm starting to think guys have a thing for women who eat chicken wings with abandon. I realized as I got the check that my credit card was in the car. Maybe I should have used my weird, alluring eyes to buy our lunch, ha! Has anyone eaten a meal and then realized they didn't have any money?? I wonder what a person would do in that situation...and with a couple kids?


Mindy Connelly said...

Ha!! The chicken, ketchup & fries response is the EXACT same one I get if we're out & I happen to not have any snack foods in the van!!

farron and cheri said...

Your kids are beautiful! Glad they don't have your freaky eyes though!