Monday, February 12, 2007

Been Busy

Haven't taken pictures lately...better get on that. Avrie has discovered dolls and just loves them. She didn't know there was anything other than trucks and trains and tools!

We've spent the last few days with Darren and Amy and Ryan and Megan. Nolan and Ryan love playing together...Ryan is one of the, well, the only kid, that Nolan actually plays with. Otherwise he has turned into a loner. We went to a Mom's brunch on Friday and he was perfectly content to play by himself or "around" the other kids....not 'with' them like he does with Ryan. But then he sees Ryan every week too so that could be why.

Went to the library this morning and got all the Curious George's that we haven't read yet and read them all when we got home. I've got to say....there are some reeeealllly dumb children's books out there. I got a couple books of the same series because they had awesome artwork...but the story was horrible.

Don't know much else. Looking out the window at our neighbor walking his cat. Yup. Three times a day. It goes potty outside. Brilliant really.

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Jenny, John, Rebecca, Joel and Clayton said...

Oh oh oh!!! I'd like to second that about horrible children's books! The newer Curious George ones are pretty dumb if you ask me, but the kids seem to like them.
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