Friday, December 01, 2006

December Already!

Wow, this year sure has gone fast! This time last year I had just conceived!

I went through all of Nolan's too small clothes today and picked out the stuff I liked and would use again and am taking the rest to Once Upon a Child to make some money. Hopefully I'm not really dissapointed with how little money I get. One time I went through my bookshelves and took a ton of books to Half Price Books hoping to make at least $20-30 and they gave me $2. I was so dumbfounded that I just said 'okay' and took the money. I could have made my $20-30 if I would have sold them at a garage sale. I only got a couple cents a book. Grrrr.

Evan is busy painting the basement...Nolan is 'helping'.


Sara A said...

Oh, I wish I could see your babies in person! :( They are looking cute--but Avrie, now, you need to calm down. Remember how good it felt to sleep 9 hours a night? huh? I sympathize on the small house business, if that helps. And $2 for a pile of books--UNACCEPTABLE! :) counting our blessings, too, S and J

jenny said...

I took some NEARLY NEW baby clothes to Once upon a child, once. I had two laundry baskets and three grocery bags full. They took one thing, gave me $2, and I had to cart home the rest. I am NEVER shopping there!!!