Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Colic is gone.

Yay! It was short-lived. Not sure what was up with her. Here's some new pictures. I got the monkey outfit at an alternative craft show. It was made by a woman with one hand. I have no idea how she knitted it. She has her own business...her site is in my links list..Hazel&Melvin's Room. She's got some really cool stuff. I chopped my arm and leg off to pay for the outfit, but it was worth it. Sooo cute and I helped support a local businesswoman! The pants have a tail on the back =)

Evan and Darren went to the Wild game tonight. Amy and I are taking a Yoga class on Monday nights...last night was the first one. Very fun and peaceful time away from the kids!


farron and cheri said...

Are you going to buy the $1500 dress to match Avrie's cute little monkey outfit?

Shannon, Evan, Nolan & Avrie said...

Haaaaaaaaa!!! No! I've seen it up close and it's pretty ugly!!