Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Colic Is Back.

I thought things were too good to be true. She hasn't slept through the night all week and she's been having screaming fits before bed. Not just for a few minutes. More like a few hours. And by not sleeping through the night, I don't mean she's up once or twice...more like four or five from 12-7. So I'm just a real joyful person to live with right now. Good thing Nolan is being extra sweet and angelic to round things out.

We have decided that we want Avrie's crib out of our room. So, the new playroom is going to get repainted and become Avrie's room and the playroom will get moved downstairs. We are in the process of painting the, when that process is over, we'll start the new bedroom. It will make our house seem so small though since we'll have to put the door back on the room. Awee, and my new pantry will seem weird in a bedroom. Waaaaah. I want a new house.

Oh my, it must be complain day or something. I'm going to go count my blessings now.

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