Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Misc Pics

Avrie and Daddy a few minutes ago. Cheri and Elliot two weeks ago. Our tree out front last week.

Avrie caught a convention hasn't gotten the rest of us yet. She is MUCH better colic-wise. She is sleeping well at night and has cut way down on her crying. The highlight of our week was our new Super Target opening. We've been without a Target for almost a year. We had to drive a whole 10 minutes rather than 2!!

Tomorrow is the start of potty training for Nolan. He is very, very ready and hopefully it will be short and sweet!

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Sara A said...

I miss Target the most here--people just don't go to Target--they get lots of stuff at the grocery store and then go to Kohl's, Linens-N-Things, etc. for everything else. Target is way better- one stop shopping! :) All of the pictures are really cute--you're a great mommy!