Friday, October 13, 2006

Dreary Day

Cleaned out closets and pulled out all the 3/6 month clothes for Avrie. Rearranged Nolan's room so his bed is on the inside wall...too chilly on the outside. I am amazed at what a smarty pants he is. He has a tub full of every animal imaginable, a tub of tools and a tub of assorted trucks/diggers, etc. He knows them all by name. He was drawing on my wall calendar today and told me it was a big actually resembled one!

Work is at a stand still for Evan until it warms up...if it does. So right now he's working for Terry and will do that all winter hopefully.

Had chicken soup for lunch and having chili for supper...kind of soup weather.

Both kids are off I go to nap too.

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