Sunday, September 08, 2013

McCarthy Beach, July 2013

Let's back this summer up.  It's finally come to a screeching halt and I've missed out on documenting some great events!  We loved McCarthy Beach so much last summer that we made the trip up with my folks again this July.

 On the way!  Peace abounds this early in the trip!

 Holding his fish down until it meets its fate.  Lunch.  Mmm.

 Plenty of shenanigans.

 The daily walk to the gas station for ice cream.  Yes, daily.  It was vacation, yo.

 We borrowed a boat and accessories this year.  Made for some great fun and laughs!

 The beach is one of many reasons to love this place.  400-500 feet out and it's still [adult] shoulder height.  Crystal clear water with loads of fishies to catch.

 An attractive solution to the wayward hairs!

 Snort.  A smashing good time was had by all.  It was good cheeky fun.

 A rare capture of sibling love with some pretty sweet cloud reflections.

 The menfolk took the kids out for a bit while Mom and I got a nice bike ride in.  It required patience.  A boatload.  Heh.

 A photo for the brag board at work.

 My Dad hates water more than mice.  Which is an awful lot.  We got him in the tube and he actually smiled!  

 We actually didn't see much of each other this trip!  Busy wrangling various kids here and there and everywhere!

 Nolan picked up the knee-board right away.  I wish you could see him smacking his gum for all he's worth.

 The ranger station has little backpacks to check out that are filled with activities.  One was to make a viewer with an empty pop bottle.  You  know, in lieu of goggles, so you don't have to put your head under the water and get wet.  While you're swimming.

 Best Friends.  For an hour.

 Breakfast in the sunshine on our last morning at camp.

Ultra-cool mosquito protection.

Our super cooperative children are awesome at family photos.

Another great week "up north!"  Looks like we'll miss out 2014 as we're spending the majority of E's vacation days in Disney World.  Hip hip!


Anita said...

Love those kids pix!! So much expression everywhere!

Lani said...

You seem a little to gleeful about getting people out of their comfort zones in these posts... Evan skydiving. Your Dad tubing. Seems kind of sadistic, almost. ;) That cheeky picture is da bomb.