Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday, Avrie!

 Cooking her requested birthday breakfast!  Ham, mushroom, cheddar omelet.

 Our Relentless Lizzy Loophole

 She requested a "surprise" for the day.  We went mini-golfing at a place we drive by often.

Pure joy!

A few recent Avrie-isms:

"I need lip balm.  My lips are sooo crispy."

(Observing a picture of the Pope's visit to Brazil with millions flocking him)-
"Why do they all want to see him?  It's not like he's God.  Not even close."

"Mom and Dad, you're my best birthday present ever.  And I got you right away when I came out of Mom's belly."

"Why does cantaloupe always smell like garbage?"


Lani said...

Happy Birthday, Avrie! :) That apron is gorgeous, but the girl in the apron is gorgeous-er. Love those little comments. I need to start writing things down again, too. I forget way faster than I realize. Can't even remember what the name of Gavyn's imaginary friend was anymore. Was sure I blogged about it, but apparently, I didn't. :(

Anita said...

Oh man- Belated Happy Birthday wishes to one special little girl! Love that second pic- the look on her face! And I, too, loved her comments.