Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bye Bye, Baby.

 We have 2 weeks left of "Cole & Mom" time.  Then he's off to kindergarten this fall.  How will I justify secret ice cream trips?

 The training wheels are long gone.  No more afternoon stroller naps.

 I will miss our grubby fingered JJ's at the park.

 No more lazy afternoon book-reading marathons in the backyard.

 I was taking a short break from reading the 6th Bernstein Bear of the afternoon:
Me:  You're cute.
Cole:  Thank you.
Me:  Was your mommy a bunny?
Cole:  No!  Arggh!
Me:  Was your daddy a bunny?
Cole:  Yes!!  Now READ!


 He hated his preschool graduation performance with every fiber of his being.  All those people looking at him!  Hear ye, baby!  Hear ye.  Regarding the Gummy Bear dance:  "All of the friends were singing it loud and it was soo annoying.  I just sat on my star [on the rug] and be'd annoyed."

I can still see my baby in there.  He's not so far gone yet.  Glad we can ease into this big-boy thing.  I don't think my heart could take it otherwise.


Mimi/Susan said...

He'll always be your baby!

Cheri said...

Baby is looking a lot more like big brother these days!

Gwen said...

aweeeeee those years have gone way to fast..
ps you are still my baby...:)

Pam said...

Babies have a way of growing up much too fast!!! Your babies will have great memories of fun days with you!

Mindy said...

I'd be'd annoyed too!

The J's said...

I can hardly believe he's going to be going to school all ready!! I remember starting to read your blog back when you were expecting him!

Ethel said...

oh my word. BIG BIG empathy coming your way this fall. Didn't enjoy seeing Tea go off to school every day. not i. not one little bit. i'm available for counseling this fall. call me anytime. hug the little man while you can!!!