Thursday, April 25, 2013


spring is ear-splitting.  and it's beautiful.

help can't come much cheaper, cuter, more eager.

tuesday morning school run.  it has been 'pretty' so many times this year that i couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to make the kids look out the window.

requisite picture of trixie belden.


Cheri said...

kitty looks oh so lovely with her whiskers glowing in the sunlight. ahh

The J's said...

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy the glimpses of your life on here?

Mindy said...

That morning of the last snow Kaia trudged down holding her stuffed dog. She looked out the window with no expression. I asked if she was glad it snowed. She shook her head no and looked at me tragically. It has to be done now though, right?!

Neisha said...

spring has finally sprung!!