Tuesday, November 13, 2012

“In my experience, boys are predictable. As soon as they think of something, they do it. Girls are smarter—they plan ahead. They think about not getting caught.”

She colored her hair hot pink with a sharpie.  It "fell on her paper" when she was coloring.  

Teach Avrie what 'condescending' means and you're guaranteed great conversation. 

Conferences this week and we cannot wait.

Accuses people of not "getting the whole picture."  Eavesdropper extraordinaire!   

If you pretend you're a 6-year-old girl with brothers you shouldn't have a problem translating this.  I believe it's supposed to be dated 10-31.

Has started writing her own Rapunzel novel.  Darned cute.

I will not be a crazy cat lady who blogs about her cat.  I'll just tuck it in here.  Breaks a glass on the counter at 2 am.  Digs in the sock drawers and carries them around the house.  Eats my bras.  Steals hairbands and hides piles of them under the rugs.  Sits around looking gorgeous.

This makes my heart swell.  Her wants list is so short!  Is it too much to ask that she be Rapunzel?!

"ou peer" = appear.  I love the age when they sound out their words.  about = abewuit.


Mindy said...

i love how they say they love you at the beginning and i love you so much somewhere in the middle or at the end. i have lots of those little notes too. do you ever get any from nolan? not sure i've ever gotten a love note from my boy......

Pam said...

love this post!!

Cheri said...

i need that top one translated!

Cheri said...

well...maybe i do get the jist. something that starts with girls and ends with "to get more stupider"

Shannon said...

girls go to college
to get more knowledge.
boys go to jupiter
to get more stupider.

heh heh. =)

Gwen said...

but moooom didn't she have hot pink hair for the Y party? eeeeks...how much hair?

Ethel said...

totally jealous that you have that cat. ( Avrie is going to be famous) and i wonder if Rapunzal had pink hair? oops. spelled R wrong..sorry

Little Miss Nobody said...


MEJ said...

Ohh, I have missed so much! Somewhere in the middle of all this crazyness I realized that I'd been missing Shannon's blog!! I love your writing, I love your pictures, I love reading about your kids. (and your cat is just beautiful--and sounds like a bit crazy herself!)