Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Faingsgiving!

 "Mom?  What does my turkey say?"  "Gobble, gobble."  "But, I want him to say 'chicken, chicken.'" C-4

 Warm fuzzies.

 I'm "faingfl" she doesn't just copy words and sounds them out herself!

The glee could hardly be contained when they saw a bird make its home there last week!

I'm faingfl for my family, peace, contentment, retrospect, clarity, understanding, time, friends, so many little things, love, faith.

Happy Turkey Day!


Neisha said...

love it!

MEJ said...

So cute! Happy Thanksgiving!

Ethel said...

Thankful for your blog posts! I really the kids' artwork and penmanship. Happy days!

Doro said...

I'm faingfl for you and your family! You warm our hearts!

Anita said...

Pretty sweet!! Happy Faingflnss!!!