Friday, August 24, 2012

Mine's Fourf Burfday!

Favorite Color:  Orange.  This ensemble would be worn daily if allowed.  
Bad Habit:  Flumb Sucking. 
Speech:  Confuses we/us, they/them; struggles with "K" at the beginning of words. 
Loves:   Cars, trains, fruit, movies, pushing his siblings buttons, throwing the cat down the stairs.
Favorite Foods:  Grapes, blueberries, peaches, kombucha.
Favorite Song:  "Oh my darlin', oh my darlin', ohhh my darlin' 'lemontime, you was lost 'n gone forevvver, oh my darlin' 'lemontime."  Repeat endlessly.

Requested that HBD be sung to him frequently throughout the day.  Basked in the limelight.  
On the way to The Farm this afternoon we passed a pasture full of holsteins.  He exclaimed, "there is puppies!!!"  City kid humiliating his mother.  He quickly retracted his puppies for cows, but still!!

Frequently snuggles in with Mom after Dad leaves for work.  Love.  Sweetest baby there ever is.  Was.  Is.  Wait, was.  No.  IS.  Always.  Preschool starts in the fall.  He is ready.  I am not.


Mimi/Susan said...

Four? Already? Precious little boy.

Cheri said...

Love. Throwing the cat down the stairs? Hilarious. Glad to have been witness to that this summer.

and if I may add..."oh my narlin' oh my narlin' on my narlin' lemontime"

Lani said...

Oh my... what a darlin'! Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy.

Anita said...

Goodness- I think he's GROWN since April!!
Love the 'darlin' lemontime'! Too cute!

Neisha said...

I can not believe he's 4 already!