Sunday, February 19, 2012

With Great Mustache Comes Great Responsibility

Avrie: "Is Pluto colder than..."
Dad: "Yes."
Avrie: "No, is Pluto colder..."
Dad: "Yes. It's, like, 1000 degrees below zero."
Avrie: "What if you took a chair and a juice drink with an umbrella and all things that are warm?"
Dad: "Avrie, you're brilliant." *High Five*
*She whips away full of sass, wipes out, face-plants on the floor. Redeems herself by laughing it off.*
Avrie: "I like to fall down." *Whimper laughs.*

Avrie in tears because she can't snort like a pig. Hysterical tears.

Nolan's love of "fa-la-la." He gets tired of explaining something so just ends it with a "fa-la-la." Example: "Nolan, what happened here?" "Well, Avrie came in and started bothering me and fa-la-la."

I'm writing this post and Cole pukes a foot away from me. Awesome. Guess it can't all be funny. Pizza and a root beer float strewn across the living room most definitely didn't ensue in laughter.


Neisha said...

laughed at the older two kids and hoping that Cole isn't sick for long!

gma g said...

I cannot believe Avrie cannot snort I shall have to help her to acheive that...

Mj said...

oh..but "ensue" is brilliant. it redeems the puke , almost. when you're tired of your kids..if only for a few hours..hand them over here for awhile so i can be happier just listening to them!

Shae Tilson said...

haha.. you crack me up! i love the "fa-la-la" bit.